The Messenger (daughter_moon) wrote in books_and_knits,
The Messenger

Just stuff

My current list of stuff:
-My Dad's sweater. I keep stopping and starting, but it's so repetative I get bored quite easily.
-My sweater. Less repetative and the sleeves aren't as long. I'm doing this in Rowan Cashsoft that I got for my birthday. It's a lovely blue/grey colour, and I love using it.

My current reading list:
-I'm reading everything by Mercedes Lackey I can get my hands on. In the last three weeks I have read the whole of the Bardic Voices series, the whole of the Arrows series, and I'm about to start the last herald mage series. Good books :-)
-I'm rereading all my English texts and my chemistry textbook cover to cover. I've also been hunting down critics for my English exam.

Other stuff:
-I just ordered 'Charmed Knits' - the book for Harry Potter knitters. I'm still waiting for it, but I think it will be good.
-I need to come up with a realatively quick-and-simple gift for my friend's birthday. She likes art, bats, Dr. Who, Nightmare before Christmas, and anything gothic. Any thoughts?
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