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Books and knits

For the readers and knitters among us

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Books and Knitting
Do you like books? Do you like to knit? Well, here's a place for these two interests to collide!

Whether you're working in a book store or a knitting shop, working as a librarian, or just plain old interested in books and knitting, feel free to join! We look for posts that share current reads and WIPs. Reading something that's inspired a knit? Even better!

There are but a few rules:
1. Not Safe for Work posts/images behind a cut. As a petite foul-mouth, I've no problem with some off-color language (though racial slurs will get you banned in a heartbeat.). Be considerate of those that might be viewing at work or in a family-setting and put anything that you wouldn't want your granny to see behind a cut.
2. Be nice. Be friendly!
3. Be constructive. We don't have to all think Life of Pi was a tremendous literary achievement. But, telling us that a book sucks is not kind and such comments will be removed. We've all got better things to do with our time than to sit and engage in flame wars and self-esteem battles. We could be using that time to KNIT and READ!
4. Be creative!!! Make up a pattern that you want to share? Please, do! Think the poster would like abother book based on his or her current reads? Recommend away!
5. No off-topic posts or spam. Such things will be deleted. Multiple instances will find the poster banned. As moderator, I'm pretty lenient, though. If you can make it acceptably relevant, I'm not going to rush out and delete it.

This community is wide open, so make it what you want it to be.

From time-to-time, we'll have group-wide activities, like a knit-along or a read-along. There's nothing stopping members from organizing a regional meet-up. Future ideas also include Snail Mail Pal--a secret pal event, with a books and knit theme!

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